372or 416 and why

after talking with Bobby a few days ago I have been thinking on a new set up..I thought about the 372 stroker kit that put the 360 crank in the 340,then you have the 416 with the 4" crank..which one do you guys like????and why..now with that being said I have eagle h beams in my motor now so do I buy the kit or just break it up and buy crank and piston whats the best way..I would like to know before I go to far on other project cause I plan to send my heads out to Bobby but need to know which way I am going first....372 kit is like 900.00with eveything/416is 1200.00 with eveything..my block is already 30 with a fresh hone job new cam bearing and freeze plugs..:cheers:
Author: admin