360 flywheel/starter problems

so i just got my 360 back from the machine shop today. they were gonna break in the cam for me but they couldnt start it. i guess the flywheel i brought them is to small in diameter. it is from a sb mopar but i looked and with a bell housing bolted to it the starter sits about a half inch from the starter gear. we think it will be a 14" flywheel that will work. the big one(14 1/4" i think) was to big and the small one (13 and something") was to small. the big would not bolt up i guess and was to close to the flywheel. anyone else seen this? the machine shop said they have never seen this problem before and tried multiple bellhousing/flywheel combos and no cigar. i have till the 12th till i can work much on it so i just want to drive it lol. the motor is out of a '75 cordoba and i got the bell housing off a '91 dodge truck. the flywheel i dont know what it came off of but i tried a 318 flywheel and it was to big
Author: admin