340 Stickers Pt 2, Plus Painted grill…

O.k. I know to some of you with Mint cars this is no big deal to you. But to me, this is pretty cool considering I found this car sitting in the weeds in back of a bar.
I am building a 340, but the process is slow, so I was sick of waiting and wanted to put my 340 stickers on the car. As you can see in the pics, this is what I decided to do. I painted the Grill black, added hood pins, and side stripes. All I need is my snorkel scoop and I'm done! (anyone have one?)

This car does need body work I know, but since that won't be happening for 3 years or so, I just put the stripes on now. what the heck, you know?

Thanks guys, what do you think?

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