340 rebuild

I have a 70 dart that I am running around 7.80s in the 1/8th mile. It has a forged crank, stock j heads, eddy torquer II manifold, mild cam, and 9.5 to 1 compression. This winter I am wanting to stroke to 4 inches, 12.5 to ross pistons, eagle crankshaft, eagle H rods, mechanical roller camshaft with .575 lift on both sides, and eddy aluminum heads that I will get pocket ported. Will have to get a bigger oil pan. I am going to keep the holley 750 and current manifold. Is anyone running something similar? I am expecting right around 600 horsepower at 6500 rpm. I moved in the leaf springs and put caltracs on it so I am having no problems launching the car and am not expecting any problems next year when I rebuild the engine.....Chris
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