340 for Sale Apart 1970 Date

I have a 1970 dated 340 for a 1971. Included is pretty much everything except the exhaust manifolds and air cleaner which I never had unfortunatly. I don't know much about this engine at all, I was told it was from a 71 Challenger.

Included: carb, windage tray, crank, camshaft, timing cover, J heads w/ same intake/exhaust valve size as X heads, intake, block, an ABody Oil Pan, Pistons, 340 Flywheel, main bolts and caps should be there, valve covers and I'm sure I've forgotten some stuff.

I'll try and pick a price I'm lookin to get soon, otherwise make an offer. I really wasn't planning on selling this but could really use the space and the money right now. I will split up if desired, and a reasonable offer is made.

I'm located in the central part of NY, 13032.

Tons of pics at:


I'll try and post pics here soon!

Thanks for the ad space FABO
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