318/340 R Block Race Engine….Old School

Hello Guys....we bought a Dodge Colt drag car that was last ran in the late 70's....and along with it came a couple engines...we raced with this car and were personal friends at the time with the fella that we bought it from...so we know he cut no corners and only owned the best parts....

This engine is all apart but has some very nice components....

318/340 R Block
4 bolt mains
8 Bolt Crank Moldex?
BME Aluminum Rods
High compression Pistons
external belt drive oil pump
hambuger aluminum oil pan
crank trigger with dist
W2 iron heads complete
single plane intake manifold
Roller cam
timing chain and cover

Looks like its all there minus carb....ws told its like a 322" but didnt check that out yet...This engine ran 9.20's in this colt that i'm guessing weighs about 2200#'s....dont know what this engine is worth but maybe someone will make an offer on all the parts as one package...Thanx allot, Jesse

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