318 for 12.80 bracket car

Hello guys.

I am building a 74 Scamp to bracket race in sportsman class at PIR and Woodburn. The class cut off is 12.80.

My original plan was to drop my 413 in the car but after tearing it down I discovered it needs to be rebuilt with new pistons.

WELLLL!!!!!!! I have this running 318 in my car right now. HMMMM!

So I am thinking why not just build the 318?? Save me the trouble of the swap, finding BB pullys and brackets, saves weight up front were it matters, ect. ect. Besides I only wanna run 12.80's

I plan to gut the car as much as I can and still keep it street legal, hoping for 3200 Lbs. or less.

I already have a B-body 8 3/4 in the car because I was commited to the BB swap, UNTIL I started thinking again! LMAO!

So how about some recommendations y'all. I would prefer to stay away from stroker cranks and such.
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