318 engines and trannys

I started cleaning the storage unit so I could start work on my 56 Plymouth Savoy and I have 2 318 engines and a couple 904 trannys in there that I am tired of moving around. The first 318 is out of an 85 diplomat that I took the heads and intake off of but do have heads and another intake to go with it. The engien ran the day I took it out which was early this spring. Complete engine, just some assembly required. The other engine I do not know much about, I got it in a trade deal. It is a complete engine, minus exhaust manifolds.

The 904s I would guess need rebuilt, but do not know foresure. Basically I will be throwing these in if you get the engines.

$300 for both engines and trannys.

Also if you could tel me where I could get some parts for a 56 Plymouth Savoy or a good website would be helpfull.
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