318 engine build

Hey guys & gals. I'm currently looking @ building up a LA 318 engine I have at my disposale. I am aiming for a minimal of 300-325 hp or a maximum of 350-400 hp as cheap as possible and without sending the heads and block to get machined etc..

The engine I have is a 1972 model that was re-built in the mid 80's, it is still very clean as I can clearly see the cross hatching from when it was honed.

Other things I have:

- Large valve J heads
- LD4B Eddy intake

What I have thought about so far is getting a performance water pump, doube timing chainf setup, new bearings piston rings roller rocker assembley and bearings as well as a street/strip cam that has some lumpyness to it. And re-using the original rod/pistons if they are still good.

I know a lot of ppl are goin to say get 302 or Magnum heads, I would rather work with what I have and do what I can with it. I also dont wanna send the heads and block to a machine shop, I'd rather clean them up and use. I dont have much of a budget and will have to do things as I can afford them. Plus it is only a 318 and I don't think it's worth dumping the $ into machining just to have a nice fun ride after all I'm not after having the fast ride just an enjoyable ride.

Any Input will help! i.e cam selection etc... Thank You!
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