318 Engine Build help

I decided to start just one thread on my 318 build. I have one about cams, but I have questions about the whole thing. This is the first total rebuild I've done, so i need help. First off, here's what I have decided so far:
-Square deck to zero deck height, bored .040 over (unless already bored, then bigger)
-Stock crank (maybe forged crank from a 237 if I find one cheap)
-Stock '74 connecting rods
-KB-167 Flat top pistons
-Magnum heads (stock w/3 angle job and resurfaced .010)
-.043" Head gasket-should get 9.97:1 (.050 will get 9.79:1)
-MP# P5007477 pushrods (for LA blockswith magnum heads)
-Comp Cams XE274H (230/226@.050, and .521/.524 with 1.6 Magnum rockers
-Comp Cams 822 hydraulic lifters
-Intake ???
-Carb ???
-Ignition-MP electronic
-Headers (dougs or TTI)

I'll run a 2500 Torque Converter (Hughes). And want to put a shift kit in, but I saw somewhere that there's a better way by doing a simple mod yourself.
What piston rings should I use? (prefer pre-fit over file-fit)
What intake? (I'm thinking air gap or m1)
Is there anything I'm missing? Does anything need to be done to the rods for the pistons?

I want it to be streetable, but be able to take it to the track from time to time. Trying for 400HP/380-390TQ

Thank you
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