$300 Chebbie Winter Beater

I know that this is not a Mopar but check out the $300.00 94 Chebbie S-10 Blazer4X4 I just bought off Craigslist. Woman had it listed for $800.00 but when I called about the truck she told me that it would not go over 40 MPH. I went and looked at it and this woman told me a "Mechanic looked at it and said it needed a catalyic converter" I checked out the truck and noticed a lot of oil in the crankcase, and after test driving it. (It ran like shit) I told her that I would offer $300.00 cash on the spot. She accepted to my surprise and I took it home drained out the oil (Over 1 gallon of oil was in the crankcase causing massive blowback through the plenum) cleaned the plugs changed cap and wires, and air filter and PCV and truck runs like new!!!!!!! Pretty decent score if I may say so. I'll run it through the winter and then maybe sell it and pick up a Mopar Truck. I just could not pass this one up. Even though it's a Chevy, It is in great shape for the year Check out pics and let me know if you guys would have went for it.

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