273 rebuilt but way low compression

This is just a tip for those that may be rebuilding a 273 or have and ended up with a turd.

So last May I bought a 65 Barracuda. Plans were to put in a big block, but the 273 was rebuilt so I've decided to keep it. It seemed way to sluggish, and I could tell the engine was out of balance, and cranking compression was 115-120. So I pulled a head to see whats in there. I know it new I have paper work too.

The reproduction pistons are .045 below the deck, head cc is 65, with a .039 compressed gasket its measures a whopping 7.7 to 1!! Even zero decked it would be about 8.4.

So now I have to get expensive pistons. So always have your heads cc'd, deck hight measured, and static compression calculated when building an engine. And balancing is worth every penny!

Author: admin