2010 Olympics

Hello fellow Mopar nuts, as most of you know from time to time things come along that make me want to stick my boot in someone's ass. The 2010 Olympics are no exception. Due to all the political correctness that is rotting the balls off of North America I feel compelled to vent a little. I just received an e-mail from a bro that lives in Vancouver, good God fearin' beer drinking, Mopar ridin' dude with a head on his shoulders.
He informs me that there is a plan afoot to sing our national anthem in Hindu at the opening of the Olympics. I know this rant o mine is probably gonna stir the pot but I am pretty wound up over this. I am Canadian and damn happy to be, for the most part we don't bother anyone or cause to many waves but if we lay down on this one as a country, well as they say," the arse is out of her"
I am sure my Mopar brothers and sisters south of the 49th parallel wouldn't stand for the American National Anthem being sung in let's say Japanese or whatever. FU@K Political Correctness. I am lacing up my boots.:mad::mad:
Author: Polaradude