2.2 turbo camshaft

Hey guys its been awhile, but I'm finally rebuilding my LeBaron, I have a ported bathtub head, switching to the turbo 2 intake ported to match, intercooler, but I need a new cam I have the roller followers already, now I'm looking for a camshaft, I went to FWD Performance and looked at the stage 1 cam, but I was wondering if there are alternatives. Looked at comp cam since I had found one there a couple years ago, but cant seem to locate it now. Or would my 85 slider cam work with the roller followers, which to me doesn't sound like a good idea, I'm pretty strapped for cash at the moment, I lack $50 being able to get the cam, MP head gasket, and the intake/exhaust gasket. and also I do have the NA cam that came with the roller followers, but I haven't a clue what the specs are, the cam came from a 89 something with a man trans.
Author: Magnum14