1974 Dodge Dart SE – $2500/OBO/Trade

My name is Jerry Johnson.
The car is located in Glen Burnie, MD.
The best way to contact me is e-mail jerryjohnson2004@yahoo.com or call me 410 491 9646. You can call anytime on the weekends, and on the weekdays after 3:30PM.

Hey guys, I've got a pretty much stock 74 Dart SE up for sale/trade. I need to move this, my daily driver is in pieces, and my wife just started working 26 miles from home. She's been driving our Dodge Dakota, and I've been in my 05 neon. I need to sell this to get something better to daily drive. Besides, work has cut overtime hours, and I was really banking on it for Christmas this year. I would really like to sell this, and buy another neon to daily, so my wife can drive our 05 neon.

The dart has the 318 motor, 904 trans, 8.75" rear with 2.79 I believe gears.

The Bad: It's got a power steering leak from somewhere on the driver's side, the driver's side floor pan has been patched, but not well and will need to be replaced, the trunk pan needs replaced, the rear quarters are rusting like any good 60-70's mopar, and the speedo cable got melted by the exhaust. It has a hacked up cherry bomb exhaust system the previous owner put on it. I do have a quote from a local shop to re-do it for me with two magaflow mufflers and dumps for $200. The gas tank when I bought the car was dented, so 1/4-1/3 tank is empty (ask me how I know....). Recently a small leak has developed in the top of the tank, so you can't fill it now either. The paint was re-done sometime in the 80's, but it's defiantly showing it's age. The car was originally a tan/yellow color, and was re-spayed black. I just washed it the other day and blew some paint off, so I shot it with some flat black primer. The two front tires do not match, the rear two do.

The Good: It runs like a god damn champ! Every time I've went to start it, it's been there. My buddy's father was using it as a daily driver for 3 years or so. The frame is straight with little rust on it. The power steering works great, and the crank down rear windows are the best. It has ran a very consistent 16.6@80mph when I ran it at the drag strip, with 2.2 60's all day. The heat the car kicks out is phenomenal. It's been warm enough where I had to turn it off, but I haven't tested it in the dead of winter today. I did install a stewart warner tachometer since the speedometer is not working so I know how fast I am going.

Here's one pic:

And here's a link to the album, there is even a cold start video:

Trades: I'd give anything consideration. I would really prefer a neon with a manual transmission.

I would prefer to not have to ship this car.
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