1971 Eatdust

I got my Duster a year ago this month. I picked it up for $4000 in NJ its got a 318, but 340 decals. I was told it was originally a /6 and the vin and build sheet I found under the rear seat confirm it. the paint job is decent, but there are spots that look pretty crappy. the trunk rotten and so are the rear 1/4s. Just above and behind the 1/4 windows is starting to bubble up and my dad told me that is a seam in the metal thats rotting out. Other then those the body and frame are good as far as I can tell. As I said, I bought the car in New Jersey and I live in MD. I had been looking for months for a running project and found this on ebay about 4 hours before the auction ended it had no reserve at just under 4000. I will say now it was an impulse, and I have no idea what came over me. I might even have paid too much for it. After I won the auction I asked if it would be able to make the drive back from NJ which was about 3 hours or around 200 or so miles. the owner of it said it probably could... if I was feeling brave and so me and my dad left the next morning and went and picked it up. So in less than 24 I went from dreaming to owing! I have had it for a year and it has been a little love/hate as the problems that make projects projects started to come up. It was over heating, so I put in a new radiator. I Fixed an exhaust leak that was making alot of noise and dumping exhaust into the inside of the car. I had to rewire the entire inside and out of the car (with alot of help from my dad) because it was really butchered on the inside and someone sprayed an undercoating like stuff all over the engine compartment that ate threw the isulation. I had to replace voltage regulators and alternators after batteries basically melted or ran dead. Now, FINALLY she has been running pretty smooth for long enough that I'm starting to work on the body! I plan to take care of some of the more imidiate problems and primer coat the whole car. I dont have a garage to house her in at the moment so I'm gonna hold off on doing a full resto on the body now. I am planning on putting a 340 or maybe a bigblock in her this summer. Just trying one step at a time as I get money :clock:=$$$= engine,rearend,trans, bodywork, paint. I'll keep posting pics as new stuff gets done. here are some pics of some of the work on the car and at a car show( its not the prettiest thing now, but I'm still pretty proud.)

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