1968 Dart Roller Project

I have a 1968 Dodge Dart roller project for sale. Originally a California car with black plates. I bought this car about a year ago and had plans of making it into a hemi dart clone with a 440. I planned on get new quarter panel skins and replacing the hood, fenders, and deck lid with fiberglass pieces. The car came with a lot of extra parts including rebuilt 440, 8 3/4 rear 489 case 3.91 sure-grip, disc brake conversion setup, CPPA big-block a-body headers (before they became tti) big-block 727 with new torque converter and bunch of other cool stuff. I just don't have the time or the ability to do all the bodywork that is needed. This would be a piece of cake for guys on the east coast.


This dart has the usual rust spots. bottom of the quarters, wheel lip, lower front fenders, sail panel where the vinyl top was located. There has been some body work done to the car but it really needs new quarter panel skins and front fenders. The driver's side door post was poorly repair as well.

The grill is complete but needs some repair on the passenger side. The headlight bezels are pretty good. The driver's side is really good. The tail light buckets and remote door mirror has the usual potmetal pitting.

Important note. I do not have the title. The car has not been registered for more than ten years. I have tons of paperwork from the PO and I will give a bill of sale like the one I received when I bought the car last year.

The Good

The floors are solid. There is some surface rust in the front floor boards but thisis minor. The floors under the car are very solid. The frame rails have zero rust. The trunk is rust free except for one small spot on the driver's side near the filler tube.

The interior is pretty good. The seats have no tears and look to be original. The headliner is new and has newer carpet from YearOne. It could use some shampoo. The door panels are decent and the armrests are okay. The dash is complete and the dash pad is cracked. All the glass is good. Has been converted to manual steering.

This 68 Dart is priced to be moved quickly withthe economy willing. I am unsure what it would be worth as roller with a 7 1/4 rear in it. I think $500-600 is a fair price considering the frame and floors are in good condition. I could get that much parting it out on ebag but would rather see it go to someone that will restore it into a nice driver or maybe a nice drag car.

Options that can be negotiated if someone is intersted right away. I would rather keep the 8 3/4 and the 440 and 727 but am open to offers.

I know I can get $600-800 easily for the rebuilt SBP 8 3/4 489 case 3.91 sure-grip drum to drum rear end. $200-for the front disc brake setup....spindles and all. The CPPA headers/tti originals are an easy $300 and the rebuilt 440 $500-700 minimum. The 727 is another $100-200 New torque converter $100. Lots of extra stuff too. etc etc etc.

I'd be willing to let everything go on this project for $3000 obo

Here are all the pictures and please PM me with questions or details. I have more pictures and can take more if needed.

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