1.88 j heads

I have a set of 1.88 j Heads that came off a 74 360. The engine was rebuilt before I purchased it, so I'm not sure what work, if any was done to the heads. However, i did run these on my 360 in my Ramcharger for about 6 months, and they performed better than the 2.02 set I had on previously, so they're in good condition. The only problem is that the one exhaust mounting flange was ground with a grinder and is not flat enough, and causes a exhaust leak at the manifold/header. It just need to be cleaned up or resurfaced. I still drove my truck for 6 months like that, so it's not that bad, and can b fixed.

Pick up only $200 in the Allentown/Pottstown area of PA.

I'll get pics tonight.
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