12 or 6 V?

Ok guys,time for a really dumb question. I completely rewired the 64 Val/Barracuda and almost everything worked fine,including the amp gauge bypass operation,which also seemed to go just fine.Now,the car doesn't want to start,apparently,the points and ballast resistor are shot. Susanne's ex-husband is an electrician and he sneeringly says to her," I know exactly what's wrong with that car. The system is half 12V and half 6V." But he didn't explain. He was just being a jerk. So,after all that,how can I tell which half is which? Do I have the wrong alternator? Where else should I look? It's a 64 273 Auto,pb trans and I want it to run! Thanks and sorry for the rant and the dumb Q. Dan
Author: admin