11″ Dynamic converter for 727 T-Flite

Fits 727, will not for 904. Selling a barely used (@ 300 miles on street-from early May '08 to June 5 '08... ) Dynamic converter. Did not perform well in my stroker setup as we needed 3800+ and was given poor advice the 11" was a sure thing. (Pulled out the Dynamic,and replaced with an Ultimate 10" race). The 11" Dynamic converter will perform well in a mostly stock Hi-performance or mild Hi- performance street application. I have original paperwork from sale, purchased 3/31/08 for $309.95. I can set you up to speak to Lenny at Ultimate who is infinately knowlegable about this converter to be sure it works PERFECT for you-so you dont have to go thru the same F'n bullshit I did the 1st time! I would be happy to get 50% of my investment for what is basically still a new converter. Send me a PM
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