Hello, comin from FABO

Hey, 70DartMike here from FABO. Just saying my hello’s. As for a B body, I do have a 62 Dart. She’s a little rough, but a little wax and she’ll look…

STR14-6 on Racingjunk

Wasn’t somebody looking for one of these awhile back? (It’s not mine and I know nothing about it.)


Front to rear brake line..how hard is it?

Hey All:

Looking at swapping my 8-3/4″ in the car. However, I know I’m going to end up damaging the hard line while removing my 7.25 (and from the looks of the hard line it wouldn’t be a terrible idea to replace it).

Anyone whose done this have any insight or advice?



67 383 formula s cuda air cleaner

Looking for correct air cleaner for 383 formula s cuda.Thanks

Where to start on on my V-8?

I am, going with a V-8 this summer, and I would like some ideas of what to do? I know everyone has a different opinion and thatÂ’s o.k. I’m just looking for ideas. I guy I know is trying to get me to go with a 440, too him anything less than a big block is a waste of time. Well, I just really don’t want to. Don’t ask why, I just don’t. I want a 340, but they seem hard to find, so I was going to go with a 360. Is there any year I should look for? I am on a budget so I can’t go for a complete…

How tell what my 340 came in

OK so I have a couple 340’s one my uncle gave me who swears he pulled out of a aar cuda he totaled way back in the day I know sad all other 7 of my uncles say he did too but I was kinda wondering it just dont sound beleavable I do beleave its a 71 but not for sure I will have to go check but I do know it has 202 J heads and a intake unlike my other 340’s is the same bolt pattern as a normal holley and is a stock intake My Q is is there any numbers that tell me for sure Thanks

Christmas dinner pic’s

heres some pic’s …for fun you can guess which caption goes with which picture
#1 I’m Dreaming of a big Desert
#2 I’m Praying for a big Desert
#3 I’m so full
#4 I’m praying you’ll bring it to meeeeee
#5 Hey You in the santa hat,bring me my desert……now puleeezee!just put it here on my tummy