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Spark plug info please

Hi all.
just a quicky,
when my 318 was standard it was running NGK BP5ES spark plugs with the standard gap of I think was .8???

although my engine was an ELB model with electronic ignition it…

1978 Jayco Jaymini

Hi there! My friend recently bought a 1978 Dodge Jayco Jaymini, and I’m just trying to insure that when looking for suspension and brake parts on rock auto they would be looking for parts under the…

1970 Cuda

Does anyone know the code B71X and H6X mean for a 1970 Cuda

Build Date

I’m trying to find a build date for a 1970 Cuda 440 6 pack that i once had i have the vin # IF THAT WOUL HELP.

1973 B Body Speed Control Servo Mounting Bracket


I am working on a 1970 Barracuda and I am adding an OEM speed control. The 1970 Barracuda speed control servo mounting bracket is ultra rare but I hear that the 1973 B-Body servo…

Engine size

I want to find out what size engine I have it is in a street rod so no vin but the block # is 4276382 I believe and it is a slant six.
Any help is appreciated

66 Plymouth furry upgrades.

How’s it going guys, I have a 1966 Plymouth Furry VIP with the 383 commando, and automatic transmission in it. Right now it has a 4 barrel carburetor on it and Im wanting to put a tri power on it….