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Met Another Member

Got to meet another member – Jackie AKA JD Mopar. We each drove a couple of hours and met halfway so he could pick up an early Barracuda back glass I listed for free and a 741 3.23 SG pumpkin he bought from me. We (him and me) talked Mopars over lunc…

Garage sale, Radiators, Springs, brackets, mufflers, Exh tips +more

All prices are OBO plus shipping. PM with any questions. Will not ship to Canada, sorry to much customs BS.

Tips off my 69 Dart GTS, these are re-pops in Stainless. I cut the ends off but will include them i you want. See pictures. $60

18″ Summit racing flex fan part number SUM-G4918. Installed but not used, didn’t clear PS pulley due to limited spacer thickness and thick Cold Case Rad core. $30

Champion Aluminum Radiator part number CC2374B. OPened bottom slots to fit my 69 GTS. Worked…

Garage sale, Radiators, Springs, brackets, mufflers, Exh tips +more

Can anyone recommend a good auto transport

My daughter is going to need to have her 06′ Mustang transported from South Carolina to Philadelphia in August. Looking for open or closed carrier. Thank you.

What fitting is this?

So I’m installing a manual mc. Easy job right? Hell no! I installed an adjustable proportioning valve. Neato. Bent the tiny little line, that was a booger. Started working on the front reservoir line, and that is a weird fitting size. The fittings that come with the kit are coarser thread. Any ideas what fitting this is? Anyway I’m hoping one of you gurus can help!

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1963 Dodge Dart Wagon drum to disc Brakes

what years and models interchanges to get power disc brakes or is it better to buy the kit with everything there…any info would be greatly appreciated

A few parts from 1965 Seat belts / E-brake / Bezels

I have a few parts I would rather not toss so I’m gonna offer them as “Free” but you pay for the ride (shipping) Ships from 92886
First come first serve.

Light Blue Drivers side and passenger side belts (will not brake the pair)

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E-brake pull

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Gauge cluster Bezel (damaged lenses prongs removed) / Radio Bezels / New Re-pop Gauge lenses and tin

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A few parts from 1965 Seat belts / E-brake / Bezels

New Guy from Maryland

Hello all,
New Member here. Just bought a 73 Duster. I am not new to online forums, mechanical work or A bodies. I have previously owned several A bodies including column shifted slant six & 340-4 speed versions. The new duster is presently a slant 6 auto and I’ll soon be trolling the classifieds looking for powertrain swap components for a small block / 4-speed swap.


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