Author: Marco

Tire size vs converter stall

Hi everybody,

I’m currently running 26inch tall tires and my stall rpm is about 2700 rpm if I were to replace the 26inch tires with 28inch ones would this increase/decrease or have no influence on my stall rpms. Rear end ratio is 3.55.

Thanks in advance!
Gr Marco

Holley base plate

Hi everybody,

I’ve got a question about a holley 4 barrel base plate underneath a impco 425 (LPG mixer) on a 400ci mild street car.

I’ve been thinking about this for a while now, the impco 425 flows about 460cfm max, now the holley base plate underneath it is a 850cfm (1-3/4 throttle bore) the car runs alright, idles perfect at 600 rpm (i’ve got a real small cam).

Would replacing the 850 cfm with a 600cfm base plate increase mileage& low end torque? The impco is the resticting factor so…

Holley base plate

OIl filter

Hi everybody,

Just wanted to swap my oil filter but it turned out my oil pump has smaller threads than a normal filter (3/4-16) anybody knows what thread filter I need? The engine is a ’73 400

20 PSI oil pressure

Hi everybody,

For some reason my 400 (rebuild about 2 years ago) has basicly always around 20psi of oil pressure, it does not matter if the car is hot or cold, high rpm or at idle. It seems to max out at around 22-23 when could and cruise speed and the lowest is at hot idle its around 18-19. I’ve tried 3 different oil pressure sensors and gauges already so i dont think that’s the problem.

Anybody know what would cause this?

Gr marco

Bench Seat cover

Hi everybody,
Im looking to buy a cheap (universal) bench seat cover for my 1966 belvedere 4d. Im from the Netherlands and nobody over here sells them over here.
The only ones I’m able to find are those truck bench seat covers but these do not have the back part of the seat covered right?
Thanks in advance,

Multi-gauge which shows ignition timing

Hello everybody,

I’m a mechatronics engineer from the Netherlands. I’m was wondering if there would be any interest in a multi-gauge which would be able to show the basic (Oil psi&temp, coolant temp, and Volts) values but which could also be able to show you your current ignition timing.
I’m planning to kickstart the project this month if there is enough interest.

Best regards,

Next step to increase low end power

Hello everyone,

Two years ago I (cheaply, I’m a student and live in the Netherlands zo parts are about 30% more expensive) rebuilt a Mopar 400ci for my daily driver 1966 Plymouth Belvedere. Main parts I replaced/added are:

Cam: Hydraulic Flat Tappet, Duration @50 212/212, Lift .440/.440
Carb: Edelbrock AVS 2, 650 cfm
Exhaust: Added headers-> 1 3/4 primary to a full 2.5inch exhaust system with dynomax race bullets (No crossover)
Ignition: Mopar Electronic ignition conversion kit with an…

Next step to increase low end power