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Need help shipping

Who do I call to have an engine shipped?? Thats not going to Rape me…Give me Phone #’s please…,If you got them.



Is an 8.25 rear with 2.74 gears upgradable to better gears?

I was wondering if an 8 1/4 rear end with 2.74 gears is upgradable to say 3.55-3.91’s? I heard that some of the rears with lower(numbered) gears are different than the higher (numbered) gears,the housing and carrier was different, but I dont know what the cutoff is. Thanks. Looking into rears for my 72 Duster and want to get something that I can put better gears in.


70 Duster Brake Rotors

I have a brand new set that I never mounted , since I sold the car years ago I want to get rid of them but have no idea what they are worth and can’t find them on napa’s website. When I bought them about 10 years ago I had a hard time finding them. Also they are made by Bendix so they are not Chinese crap. Thanks for any you can give help in advance.

4 speed trans and linkage wanted.

i need a 4 speed for a small block with the bell, linkage, clutch fork, shifter, clutch , flywheel and all that. basically a cheap, yet working trans with all the goods.

Autometer Pro Shiftlite

Model 5340 very good condition 5000 – 5800 RPM shift pills included $60.00 shipped to the lower 48.

What Are These A-Body Parts?

I bought a junk ’69 Barracuda Fastback about a year ago. Inside the car was three milk crates full of misc Cuda and small block parts. I found these and had no idea what they were. Please help. Thanks!