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1 main cap bolt

for my 318

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Need help with 440-3 cutting out on heavy acceleration. Timing? Fuel? Build specs listed.

Hi guys,
I have a 1965 Satellite with a 440-3 out of a 1974 motorhome. it has the 213 heads that take the 5/8" peanut spark plugs.
I have been having an ongoing problem for as long as I can remember where the car idles great, sounds great, drives …

Axle bearing adjustment

I am trying to adjust my rear axle bearings in an 8-3/4. I find that i get an up and down play before I get any end play. Any help here would be appreciated.

727 Cast Aluminum Pan

Would like to purchase one cast aluminum + 2 quart pan for a 727 trans.
Please PM me if you have one to sell, pic’s always help
Thanks in advance

You don’t have to be lonely

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Duster Business Coupe?

Were any Dusters ever produced without back seats?

Today’s testing

First Holleys I’ve worked with in years. Got the starting line close. Next to try and keep the front end down. Afcos have been revalved tighter and are now currently at full tight. Unlike 50% tight in this pic.

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