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Anybody play buck?

Curious if anybody outside of Mn plays the card game Buck Euchre.


looking for a driver quality dash pad, car is a 67 valiant, color doesnt matter, mine ls sunbaked and looks like a piece of burnt fried bologna,

1969 Virgin 440 engine/Transmission Totally complete

1969 Intact 440 Engine
Never Rebuilt or touched
Steel crank
Complete from Carb to Pan
All date coated Jan 1969
750 AVS
Water Pump
Fuel Pump
B Body HP exhaust manifolds
78,000 Miles
Taken out 1972
Suggest Rebuilding as sitting in Sho…

Valley Tray Hold Downs & Shields

I have one pair of "B" engine 383 – 400 valley tray hold downs $10.00 set.
I also have one pair of "RB" engine 426 – 440 valley tray hold downs $10.00 set.
In addition I have 2 valley tray shields priced at $5.00 each.
One shield ha…

A518 Ultrabell with column shift

Hello all. I’m about to put an Ultra bell on my A518 for my big block conversion. This is actually going in a C body 71Fury . Im asking here because not too many people put Ultrabell housings in their C bodies .There is no location for the column shift linkage. Curious who had this problem and how/if it was solved. I see that Ididit makes a cable kit 2801750010 for linkage but not sure if it will be an issue ( don’t see many good reviews)

Coming 2 America 2

anyone? tried sitting thru it with the mrs in the vain attempt to win some nookie.
i made it 30 minutes into it before walking out.
movie is not my style

AVS2 650

I have a 318 with edelbrock heads , weihand DP intake and 204/214 flat tappet hyd cam. Has 9.8 to 1 comp. The AVS2 runs at idle only 3/4 turns out on idle screws so seems a bit rich. I have drilled a 1/16 holes in the throttle blades and adjusted the …