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Correct Speedometer for 73 Valiant

I wanted to see which speedometer is correct for my Valiant. When I purchased the car it had a 120 MPH speedo in it. At higher speeds such as freeway, the speedo would read 85ish but GPS would show I was going 70. The factory differential had 2.73 gear…

Mechanical fuel pump eccentric

Does anybody have photos of the hughes cam extension and eccentric installed. The directions they come with are very vague for a beginner lol. Just want to get an idea of what im doing when its time to install. Thanks

Water Spot Remover!

I cleaned the window with an oven top cleaner kit, and it came pretty clean. However there were some 50~ year old water spots imbedded and etched into the glass. Looked at all sorts of solutions, and decided to try a product from Sud Factory. Amazin…

Rebuild kit recommendation

1965 A904, I need a recommendation of which product to select. What “master deluxe” overhaul kit to choose. There seems to be a bunch of different companies out there. The manual I’m using mentions A&Red’s, but the web site I found for them is really vague about ordering anything. I’ve pretty much have had the whole front of my transmission out already to install a 27 spline input shaft and pump. The Bands and clutch plates don’t look bad at all, but I would like to go back with new stuff….

Rebuild kit recommendation

Anyone use the Eastwood Dust collector 20027?

I do quite a bit of Media blasting in a Barrel Blaster cabinet and have been using a home made dust collection system I found on the internet. Uses a 5 gal bucket, a couple inches of water and a shop vac. I works fair if at all. I’ve been through 2 shop vacs and finally decided to buy a commercial dust collector. The dust in my shop was bad. So I pulled the trigger tonight on a Eastwood 20027 dust collection system. I’ll let you know how it works when I get it in service.

Small block 426 stroker with trickflow heads. How much HP.

Well I am thinking about building a 426 stroker engine with my spare 360 magnum block. I have been looking at the kit that Huges engine sells. The engine will have 13.1 compression and not sure what size yet. But would like to put in a solid roller. Wi…

nastalgic 413 for sale!

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owners words, not mine,….This engine is currently for sale if you know anyone with a “62” Dart, Furry, or 300 that wants to turn their 40k car into a 140k+ car. After dad died I sold his 426 Hemi’s (65, 67, &69). But this one we’ve kept and haven’t advertised. My mom won the 1965 Fall Championship at Fremont Drag Strip in CA (well known for the movie American Graffiti) with this engine. So it’s the one engine I have left…

nastalgic 413 for sale!